12" Mountain Fused Glass Scene- Saturday April 4h at 2pm

Come on in for a fun afternoon learning basic fused glass techniques. Must be 12 or older to participate. (Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult also taking the class) For safety reasons long sleeves and close-toed shoes are mandatory. Feel free to bring a snack or beverages to enjoy during class breaks. Much of the expense of this class is the glass which is typically up to $23 a square foot, please do not waste. These items are not plates, we will have additional classes for plates, these are decorative pieces to be hung up or displayed.  This is a large item, 12 inches by 12 inches. 



-Three hour group instruction on basic fused glass techniques.
-Materials and supplies to make ONE (1) 12x12  fused glass piece. 
-Safety glasses 
-A fun and friendly environment!

Necessary supplies NOT provided:
-thick working gloves (gardening gloves are great for this!)

*Fused glass pieces will be available approximately 2-4 weeks after production*
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