Hourly Studio Rental

We have a small pottery loft and therefore we must schedule carefully with Covid. Please select the number of hours you would like to come in for open studio. We leave a half hour before the next open studio appointment so that you can probably clean your space and wheel. Studio staff will go into the studio after and santize any tools. Open studio sessions are a minimum of 2 hours at $15 an hour. There are only three students allowed in the loft at a time spaced  one wheel apart.  

Open studio students must purchase clay from the studio, members are not required to purchase their clay here but must have clay approved before bringing it into the studio. It must be in a marked bag. 

To come to open studio time you must:

  • Have taken a lesson with the studio before.
  • Know how to probably clean the space, if you do not clean up after yourself we can not allow you back to the studio as we have to keep it healthy. 
  • Sign in at the front desk. 
  • Sign in anything you make in the studio onto the "open studio" firing sign in sheet. You must also put your name with your projects, if the studio is to trim your items for you it is $1 per item for us to trim them. If you would like to come back to trim please plan accordingly and have your follow up open studio time scheduled for one to two days out. We do have plastic wrap in the studio for you to keep your projects damp but they will last a max of three days. 

Additional Fees Outside of Studio Time

  • Clay must be cone 5/6 and must be purchased from the studio. You can purchase clay by the pound by adding it to your cart when you purchase your open studio time. That amount of clay will be measured out for you when you arrive. We prefer you let us know ahead of time so your space is all set up. Clay is $1.50 a lb. 
  • Firing fees: All items will be measured and firing fees are charged according to size.  Small items are .75 per bisque fire and $1.00 per glaze fire this included anything 3 inches wide, 4 inches high. Medium items are $1.00 per bisque fire and  $1.50 for glaze fire this includes items short than 6 inches and no wider than 6 inches. Large items are $1.50 for bisque fire and $2.00 per glaze fire this includes anything 6 inches high max and up to 8 inches wide ( mostly plates and platters)
  • If firing fees are not paid and your item is not signed into the firing sheet it will not be fired. Items left in the studio without payment of firing fees or being signed in will be discarded within 5 business days with no refund for supplies or studio time. 
  • Open studio time is for those over 16 years of age. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult and must not be dropped off at the studio without supervision. 

Duties that come with studio time:

  • Students must dispose of waste clay in the proper bin
  • Students must wash out their drip pan and use a large sponge to wipe down the wheel surface, legs, and their chair. 
  • We do provide aprons at the studio but students MUST put their dirty apron in the dirty laundry bin and NOT back on the rack for health reasons. 
  • You must have a mask on while visiting the studio due to COVID concerns. 

Studio Rental Includes:

  • Proper use of the studio wheels. Please don't abuse our equipment, this includes "stomping" on the pedal. 
  • Use of the counter tops ( please wipe down after use)
  • Use of the slab roller
  • Use of clay tools such as molds, slab roller, cutters, sponges, brushes
  • Studio rental does not include glaze. You can either pay for glaze per item or purchase your own "studio approve" glazes.