Pottery Glaze Firing

Glazed pottery must be clean and ready to load. That means that there is NO glaze on the bottom of your pots and 2 cm up the side of the pot to account for any glaze movement. If studio staff has to clean off the bottom of your pots there will be an additional charge. We fire to Cone 5/6 only. Any glazes that are used NOT from the studio must be the same temperature. Any kiln accidents resulting from incorrect information from a student will result in the student being charged for kiln damage. 
Just as bisque firing, pottery is not guaranteed to turn out. We will not refund for items that run and the glaze sticks the piece to the kiln or another piece. This is part of pottery and does a lot of damage to the kiln shelf. 
  • Firing fees: All items will be measured and firing fees are charged according to size.  Small items are .75 per bisque fire and $1.00 per glaze fire this included anything 3 inches wide, 4 inches high. Medium items are $1.00 per bisque fire and  $1.50 for glaze fire this includes items short than 6 inches and no wider than 6 inches. Large items are $1.50 for bisque fire and $2.00 per glaze fire this includes anything 6 inches high max and up to 8 inches wide ( mostly plates and platters)