Resin Beach Heart- Saturday March 13th Noon to 2pm

Hello All! 

  We have rented the space next door for this fun event and so that we can space you out by at least six feet. Each couple will have their own private work station with what they need for the class. This class includes all supplies and instruction. This class is from Noon to 2pm  Students can bring a beverage to sip on but no food around the resin, if you finish the class early and you are all cleaned up, you may order dinner from the Chicken Shack across the street and eat it at your work station. These are twelve inch hearts and we will be using resin, aqua sand, white sand, mother of pearl, paint to color our resin, and a wide variety of shells.  This is not just for couples you can bring a friend as well but you will seated as pairs so we want to make sure it's someone you are comfortable being next to at the work station. 

In this class you will:

  •  Arrange your beach scene using supplies provided
  • Learn to mix and color your resin
  • Pour your resin
  • Projects will have to be left to cure over night. The studio will call for pick up the next business day we are open Sunday March 14th from Noon to Six Thirty

COVID precautions: All students must have on a face mask for the comfort of other students in the class.  Hand sanitizer will be available at the front of the class room space. All students must sign in for contact tracing purposes. 

Please message via email us if you have any questions.