25lb of Cone 5/6 Clay

Unless you are a member you can not store your pottery clay at the studio. If you are a member you must clearly mark your name in sharpie on the bag of clay and mark all your tools left at the studio. We can not be responsible for clay that goes missing if you are leaving it at the studio but of course will keep an eye on it. 

If you are an open studio student do not leave your clay in your car, if it freezes it will ruin the consistency of the clay. Do not leave your bag of clay open, we will not refund for clay that dries out because the bag was left open and will not exchange it. 

We work primarily with white clays. If you need a red, brown, or yellow clay we can order it for you. Open studio students may not use clay that is not purchased at the studio. Members may bring outside clays but they must be clearly marks with a label as to the clays temperature.  

If they are another color they ARE NOT to be mixed in the recycle bin.