Bisque Pottery Firing

The firing fees associated with your pieces include the time of the studio staff to load pottery. Pottery may crack or break or explode in the firing process. This does not constitute a refund of firing fees. This happens and its not fair but it is what it is. We charge for bisque firing bases on size.  Here is a description of firing fees. 

It's the studios choice to fire an item we will not fire the item if:

  • It is too thick
  • It looks like it has trapped air
  • We believe it is not structurally sound and will most likely crack in the kiln ( if we can predict this before it happens we will let you know so that you don't waste the money on firing it. 
  • Firing fees: All items will be measured and firing fees are charged according to size.  Small items are .75 per bisque fire and $1.00 per glaze fire this included anything 3 inches wide, 4 inches high. Medium items are $1.00 per bisque fire and  $1.50 for glaze fire this includes items short than 6 inches and no wider than 6 inches. Large items are $1.50 for bisque fire and $2.00 per glaze fire this includes anything 6 inches high max and up to 8 inches wide ( mostly plates and platters)