Children's 12 Inch Resin Geode Project- Friday June 25th

Come in for a fun class to try out resin. We will be using fume free art resin. We will be choosing three different colors to color and mix our resin. We will then be pouring it on our wooden geode much like a paint pour. Child's will be given a range of sparkles including rounded crushed glass, sand, crystals, beads, and fragmented gold faux gold nuggets to decorate it.  This class is only four students so your little one will have plenty of help. 

This class is recommended for ages 8 and up. Young students ages 6 and up can participate if a parent in present in the class with them but they must message us ahead of time. The instructor will be going over these these projects with a heat gun when class is over. Projects will have to stay with the studio until they full cure and can be picked up 72 hours after class. 

It is recommended students have on clothes that they get messy but the studio will be providing gloves and aprons. 

** Please read our studio policies and rescheduling policy on our policy page before signing up for this class**