Resin Geode Class 12 in April 3rd from Noon to 2:30pm

In this class we will be playing with resin and pigment powders! The studio will supply the 12 inch wood geode cut out. You can choose from either the cut out with the hole in the center or the solid geode shape. The class comes with resin, backing, gold leaf, crushed glass, pigments to color the resin, and acrylic paint. 

Resin is very expensive which is reflected in the price of the class. It's about $70 a gallon. We will use about 12 oz per project for this piece. This is a class for those 16 years of age or older. We are going to take only four students at t time to make sure that you have help and that you are safely spaced. 

Please have on clothes you don't mind getting dirty as we can not safely provide aprons at this time as we want to limit contact. 

There are classes for both the 12in and 18 in geode to allow a more affordable option for students. 

You should not be pregnant or nursing when working with resin. Resin projects will have to stay in the studio to cure and should be able to be picked up the next business name but we will call you. 

If you mix your resin wrong the project may never cure and can not be fixed. The studio will not refund for this however we will try our best to make sure your project works out because of course we want your project to be  success.