Couples Resin Beach Window Class

This is a special class in time for Valentines day. Our normal beach window class included a beach window project measuring 11x14. This window measures 17.13'' H x 18.63'' W x 1.38'' D and is quality distressed beach wood.

You and your special someone will come in and work on your frame together. The supplies you have to choose from are : shells, aqua colored sand, white sand, shells, starfish, mother of pearl, and any items you would like to bring from home.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to prepare your frame
  • How to mix resin properly
  • How to arrange your beach items
  • Hot to pour your resin and use a heat gun to prevent bubbles.
  • What brand of resin to use

The first frame pictures is one completed by a student in class, the next is extra large frame that will be included in this class. 

This class is $75 per person but we will be working on these large project in pairs. So the total class for one extra large sized frame is $150.

To sign up please check out on our website: