Dog Print Mug Making

Our popular dog print mug class is back! We will be hosting appointments for you to bring your furry friend in so that we can take an impression of their paw print. The print will then be made into a mold that we will be putting on a mug along with their name! 

After the mug is fired you can either pick the colors you would like your mug glazed or you can come in and paint it yourself.  This of course all depends on the cooperation of your critter. If you have a smaller dog we normally take two paw prints. 

Please keep in mind it takes one to two weeks per firing and we have to fire the mug twice. Not to mention any in between time it takes to glaze it so do expect three weeks to four weeks turn around time. 

One dog per mug please. If you have two dogs we will make you two mugs. If something should happening in the firing of your mug such as cracking or exploding which can happen with pottery but isnt likely we will make a replacement as we will still have the mold of your dogs paw print. Students can keep their dogs paw print mold when they pick up their mug. Just know that any kiln disasters can delay the process. 

When you register please put your name and then a slash and your dogs name so that we can make sure to match the dog print to it's owner.  The time slot you purchase is the time you will be able to bring your dog in so that we can make an impression of their paw. We are only hosting this service one a week for three weeks in the summer. So we have a very limited amount of spots. 

This service is $50 for a fully finished mug and the paw print mold to go with it. If you want multiple mugs to have the paw print its an additional $35 per mug and we can add it to as many mugs as you would like.