Alaska Family Pack

We are putting together a special kit to celebrate our new product boxes. This kit is enough entertainment for a family of five. Includes:

  • Three 6 inch by 3 inch wooden baby bears
  • Two 6 inch by 4 inch wooden mountains
  • 2 lbs of grout
  • 3 oz Black for Bears
  • 2 oz Mixed Glass Beads for accents
  • 2 oz green mosaic glass chips- mountain bottoms
  • 2 oz blue mosaic glass chips- mountain sides
  • 2 oz white mosaic glass chips- mountain top
  • 4 oz of mosaic glue- please do not substitute regular glue
  • 1 Popsicle stick (for mixing resin
  • Printed instructions for putting this together(includes clean-up tips)

Not included:

  • Measuring cup for mixing grout (do not use food-usage ones)
  • Drop cloth to protect work surface
  • Sea glass, small decor items - Get creative!

*Not recommended for small children under age 12

Please allow up to 2 weeks for your kit to arrive. If you do not purchase shipping for your kit it will not be shipped unless we are offering free shipping as a promotion. 

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