Glacier Paint Event for Upward Bound

Hello! This kit is for a zoom class taking place at 3:00pm Friday February 12th. I will be set up and ready by 2:30pm so student questions before the class if they have them. Kits will  be mailed by Tuesday February 9th at which point we will return the spread sheet to you with the tracking numbers for each package. We can also email the participant their tracking numbers so they know when to expect their packages. I will have spare glacier kits here ready at the shop in case something goes wrong with shipping and a package is running late and a student needs to pick up instead ( just a fail safe in case something happens with USPS). These kits are $35 each and the shipping for the anchorage area is $10.20 each. Shipping cost can be paid separately so that your invoice and receipt is itemized.  These kits included the following :

  • One 12 inch wood glacier backing, one side will have the lines for paint by number the other will be blank for our painting class.
  • Acrylic Paint in colors: Blue, Purple, Black, White, Yellow, and Orange.
  • One flat bush and one round fine tip brush.
  • Written instructions a picture of the finished piece for student reference. 
  • One water cup and a paper towel. 
  • One metal bracket to be glued to the back of finished product so students can hang their item up.