Friday Group Wheel Thrown Pottery Class (2.5 hour)

Due to COVID-19 we are now scheduling closed groups for Friday pottery classes. This means we will not be booking stranger together. These classes are so groups of four people to fill the class. We will still be wearing mask and making sure to keep the environment clean.  Groups can come together or separately to glaze their pottery once it is fired in two to four weeks from the class date.  Make sure when you book you whole group signs up at the same time. 


  •  2.5 hours of private tutoring wheel time
  •  Four finished pottery pieces including 2 bowls and 2  mugs, each 1.5 lbs of clay
  •  Studio staff trimming pottery items
  •  Studio staff glazing pottery items with up to two glaze colors selected.
  • This class is $75 per person.
Dates Open
  • Friday nights from 6pm to 9pm ( 30 mintues for clean up)

    **Before purchasing one of our courses, please read through our course policies page**

    **There are no make-up dates for missed classes**