Mermaid Paint Kit

This twelve inch mermaid is nice and big and makes a great first project to do with family members over the holidays or over ZOOM.  This kit comes with everything you need to create this little mermaid and is accompanied by a tutorial video that can be viewed on our facebook any time. 


  • One 12 inch mermaid with lines 
  • 1 ounce of aqua, red, orange, white, green, and white
  • 1 water cup
  • 1 Sponge Brush
  • 1 Large Magnet or Hanger to attach to back

These are available for in store pick up unless they are back ordered. If you purchase we are open Tuesday and Thursday Noon to Six Thirty for pick up. We will be open other days of the week however due to COVID they may vary. If you need to stop by another day send us a facebook message and we will let you know if we are in. You can purchase this kit for in store pick up or have it shipped. Because the backing is 12 inch it only fits in a medium flat rate box which runs $15.05 but if you are purchasing as a gift for someone else we ship to the lower forty eight, just check out with their name and address as the recipient of the kit. 

Please note that it takes us two weeks to get kits together if they are back ordered. 

On rare occasions due to supply delays either because of the holidays or because of COVID we may have a prolonged wait time of up to four weeks if items is back ordered. We will email you to let you know in advance if there is a delay but like to be fair and let customers know this could be a possibility. We know you are relying on these for gifts and will do our best to either off an alternative kit OR let you know when the shipping can be expected. 

Once you purchase we will call when the kit is ready. If you choose to have it mailed a tracking number is automatically sent from our website to the email provided and generally takes two to three days as these are shipped priority. 

    Not included:

    • An apron (gardening gloves are great for this!)
    • Drop cloth to protect work surface
    • Sea glass, small decor items, beads to glue on
    • Glue to add backing hook or magnet

    *Not recommended for children under age 8 

    Please allow up to 2 weeks for your kit to arrive.

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