Monthly Mosaic Subscription Box!

It is here! This is our monthly subscription box. You or the person designated by the address registered with your subscription will receive a different mosaic kit each month! This is a six inch mosaic kit. It includes directions, wood backing, glass, glue, a picture of the finished item and written instructions. 

These kits do involve sharp edges so we recommend them for ages 12 to 100. Each kit comes with a new and exciting shape, colors, and cool beads to add to the piece. As a special treat for our subscribers we will be featuring "surprises" in 10 random boxes each month. These special surprises will be sourced from local Alaskan artists only and can range from a small sticker to a handmade necklace!  The other advantage of being a subscriber is the shipping is FREE with your subscription. 

How It Works:

You will receive the box for the month after the month in which you sign up. If you sign up in February after the 10th you will start with Marches box. If you sign up before the 10th of February you can be eligible to receive Februarys box. So you will be charged the 10th of each month for the box for that month. Here is what we have listed for each month. 

February: Heart Mosaic Kit

March: Bear Mosaic Kit

April: Easter Egg Mosaic Kit

May: Mountain Mosaic Kit

June: Starfish Mosaic Kit

July: Bird Mosaic Kit

August: Fireweed Mosaic Kit

September: Super Mystery Kit

October: Pumpkin Mosaic Kit

November:  Mushroom Mosaic Kit

December: Christmas Tree Mosaic Kit