One Month Pottery Membership

Adult Ceramic Rental Options.

The studio is a small space with 5 pottery wheels, a slab roller, and a kiln that we fire to Cone 5/6. Wheels can be rented by adults when class is not in session. Firing prices vary based on the size of the pieces or by the amount of space they take up in the kiln. The studio will not finish or trim pieces for student but we will provide materials for them to cover up their items.

Pottery Wheel Rental Hourly- $15 an hour

This does not come with clay but clay can be purchased by the pound. Due to COVID we do not like to have more than two students renting a wheel a time. To rent the wheel you can purchase the time slot on our ceramic class page. This rental does not include instruction and students MUST clean up after they are finished. Rental times are as follows: 5:00pm to 8:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Thursday the wheels are open for rental all day from Noon to 8:00pm

Monthly Pass to the Studio- $85 a Month

This pass means you can schedule a "free" member session reserving a wheel online and you are able to come in at any of the hourly rental times above to throw pottery. You also get ONE shelf for storage of your pottery items. If you need more than one shelf there will be an additional cost as we have a small space and must keep pottery projects moving in the studio. After 30 days the studio reserves the right to discard abandoned pottery projects left in the studio. Due to the smaller space we only allow four membership as we want to make sure you have a wheel to use.  

Firing Fess and Glazing

We fire to Cone 5/6 only. Students may only use clay supplied by the studio. We do not allow outside clays to be sure we know what the clay body is and how it will fire. Membership includes 10 bisque fired items and 10 glaze fired items. For additional firing here are the prices: For a half shelf of bisque the firing fee is $15. Items must be lower than 16 inches, if they are higher additional fees will apply and firing time will be prolonged. For glaze firing shelf cost is $25 per half shelf and this includes the studio loading, students must not load the kiln. A bisque firing will be done every Monday and a glaze every Sunday. If we do not have enough to load the kiln we will skip the firing for that week. The studio does not refund for items damaged in kiln firing. Items that stick to the kiln shelf may be subject to a penalty if they damage the kiln so please be sure to clean the bottom of your pieces.  Students must provide their own glazes. We do have glazes in the studio but the cost per pieces is often too difficult to determine.  We hope to offer more glazing options in the future. Glazes can be purchased at Shelia’s Ceramics which is right down the street from the studio.

We have a small locker system available for students to rent if they would like to store their supplies. If supplies are left after membership expires the studio will discard them within 30 days to make sure we have space for another student.  The studio is not responsible for any items that go missing that are not secured or taken home at the end of the day.  Cleaning is necessary for our health and wellbeing in the studio. Every member is expected to clean their wheel AND mop the floor after they are finished with their session.