Pick Your Pattern- Beginning Stained Glass Class

    In this class students can choose from patterns done in past classes by the studio. If they have their own pattern to bring to class it must be preapproved by the studio as this is a beginners glass and included a limited amount of supplies. 
  1. Beginning Stained Glass Classes- These classes are highly involved classes. Students must be strong enough to stand for the duration of class as well as have to appropriate strength in their hands. This is not recommend for under ages sixteen or for those that are pregnant. This class will involve lead in the material and that is not worth the risk to a developing baby. A waiver must be signed for this class. We will have a first aid kit on hand but cuts and burns are a possibility in this class. We will all be doing the same pattern to make it easier for the instructor, this class will have up to four adults per class and they will be spaced out.  These classes are four hours long so bring a snack not to be eaten in the work area.   It is best starting out that patterns stay between four to seven pieces. Glass is VERY expensive it can often be between $20 and $30 a square foot. This class includes supplies but if you are caught wasting supplies you may be charged an additional fee. This rarely happens but please listen carefully so you do not waste valuable supplies.

Skills you will learn:

  • Differences in cost and types of glasses
  • How to score and break glass in a pattern
  • How to grind glass to fit pieces together
  • How to Copper Foil edges of glass
  • How to Solder and clean finished pieces

Rescheduling Policy:

  • Because we have smaller classes and limited space we can not refund or reschedule a class close to the class date. If we do not fill our spaces we can not maintain our business. We purchase supplies in anticipation of your attendance. 
  • Given the time if you have a health concern we would much rather you keep the rest of the class safe so we will allow you to send someone in your place so that you don't lose out on money spent. They must meet the age requirements of the class and we must get their full contact info from you. 

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