The Alaska Animals Coloring Book

 This is a eleven page book with original hand drawn designs by Autumn Stubbert. This was free hand pencil and paper drawing no rulers and no electronics. This book features Alaska animals like polar bears, octopus, rockfish, and huskies.  All designs are the original property of the artist and can not be replicated for resale.  Free coloring pages are posted periodically to our Facebook page if you would like to try them out. I hope to do many more coloring books, this was really fun to make. It does not come with coloring utensils so you can choose your own. Each image is on its own page, not back to back, so you can use sharpies without worrying they will bleed through. Colored pencils are also an excellent option.  Please do post to our page and share what you color.  If shipping ends up being less expensive for your order we will refund the amount to you after it has shipped. These will be available to be shipped out by December 15th, if you choose in store pick up we will call when they are together for you. If you choose to ship a tracking number will be emailed to you when it is shipped. Thanks for the support all!