Three Glaze Pack- Comes with Painted Ceramic Purchase

Pick three Mayco Stroke and Coat Glazes from the chart pictured. We will be giving students 1oz to 3oz depending upon the size of their item. The studio portioned out more than enough for the item, so if you are purchasing more than one ceramic in your pack it is likely you will be able to use some of the other colors family members have chosen. A printed sheet of instructions will come with your ceramics. These glazes are non toxic. Items can be dropped off to the studio for firing and should be able to be picked up within one to three weeks. If you can not read the name of the glazes try to zoom in.  We recommend you use your glazes within one week of pick up. If they dry out they are water based so you can mix a couple small drop of water in.  These have to be added to your order when you check out for your ceramics so that we can put it with your order. When your order is ready we will call and put it in the pick up box.