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Home Policies
Home Policies

Class policies and procedures

Thank you for your interest in taking a class with Clay Owen Studios! Please see below for our class policies and procedures.

Before signing up
  • At this time we do not allow children under the age of 12 (unless otherwise specified) to be present in our studio for safety and health reasons. Please leave the kiddos at home! If you bring them, you WILL be asked to leave and will not be given a refund or reschedule.
  • Children under 12 are not welcome to participate in wheel throwing classes. Wheel throwing requires upper body strength that a younger child does not possess, and it is not the place of the instructor to do it for them. ALL participating students must be able to utilize class techniques on their own.
  • Private lessons may be available by appointment for children under 12 at the discretion of management.
  • Some of our classes have adult beverages present, and as such, participating students in these classes must be a minimum of 21 years of age. We will check ID's! If a student does not have an ID or is found to be underage, they will not be allowed to present, and will not receive a refund or reschedule. No exceptions!
  • We will not refund or reschedule for missed classes, so be sure you can make your class time before enrolling!

  • Please do not omit information from your contact info when purchasing your class. We do not share this information, but we DO require these modes of contact for assorted reasons regarding to scheduling, work pick-up, and reminders. Failure to provide this information at the time of purchase may delay communications and ultimately delay your project. 

  • Groupon usages for classes are one per guest.

After signing up

  • Please take note of your class date and time. We will send out reminder emails 24 hours before your class date.
  • A Clay Owen Studios/Stranded Starfish representative may contact you within 24-48 hours of class date to confirm but this is a courtesy and students should expect to attend class with or without having received a courtesy call.

Day of your class

  • When you arrive for your class please check in downstairs. You will be given a liability waiver form to sign that also covers expected classroom behaviors and procedures, as well as any firing dates (for pottery or fused glass) and estimated pick-up times for your piece(s).
  • Please do not bring guests with you that have not signed up for the class you are participating in. Unregistered persons are not permitted to be in the work space area at any time. Many of our classes require prep work in advance of student arrival, and late additions delay the class start time. This also can cause issues with work spaces, as we have a set limit on an acceptable amount of enrollees per class. 
  • Please arrive on time for your scheduled class. We begin promptly at the scheduled time on each class listing.

After your class

  • For pottery or fused glass- After your pieces have been fired  (firing takes approximately 1-4 week for ceramics, and 2-4 weeks for fused glass), we .will send you an email to come pick up your piece. We do attempt to call every student but the amount of manpower required for this task is excessive. We need you to be pro-active in following your pottery through the process. 

  • All completed works must be picked up within 10 business days unless other arrangements have been made. Pieces not picked up within 10 business days will be donated to our quarterly sidewalk sale.

  • Clay, glass and resin can be rather finicky, and as such, on occasion, pieces may not survive the process. (We do not make any guarantees on student thrown/built/created pieces. Also we are unable to finish student projects.)
  • Failure is part of the art experience. For items pre-made by Clay Owen Studios (paint-a-mug, etc), a replacement at no additional cost may be offered as determined by shop owner.

Class procedures

  • No food or beverages are allowed in workspace areas-unless otherwise noted. 
  • Closed toed shoes are mandatory in all classroom areas.
  • Please keep conversations classroom appropriate. We ask that our guests refrain from adult topics, religion, and politics to ensure all guests feel welcome.
  • Many classroom tools and materials are sharp or may contain caustic chemicals. Handle with care! We cannot be held responsible for misuse of materials and/or supplies that results in injury. Please pay attention to instructions and be aware of your surroundings. 
  • Students are asked to clean up after themselves following completion of their class project(s), or Independent Studio Time project(s). Time is budgeted for clean-up in class scheduling, so please be sure to leave time to do so. Students who do not clean up after themselves may be prohibited from participation in future classes.

Additional policies and procedures

  • Class fees must be paid in full at time of sign-up in order to reserve your space. Classes close 48 hours before day of class, so be sure to sign up early!
  • We do not offer refunds on any courses. We are unable to reschedule or refund classes. We are a small business and we don't have the man power to track down and reschedule no- shows. We depend on you to come to the classes you signed up for. When you purchase a class and do not attend, that prohibits another student from purchasing and attending that day. 
  • Classes maybe transferred to a friend or family member in the event the original student is unable to make it to their scheduled class. Studio must be notified a minimum of 6 hours in advance of class start time, and must provide the name, address, email, and telephone number of guest taking their place.
  • All children under 16 participating in classes MUST be accompanied by an adult also taking the course unless specified in class listing. 
  • To participate in Intermediate and Independent Studio Time, students must have successfully completed our Intro to Wheel Throwing class, or have prior equivalent experience outside of class. No exceptions.
  • Studio is not responsible for finishing/ fixing student produced piece(s). 
  • **Reminder** All completed works must be picked up within 10 business days unless other arrangements have been met. Pieces not picked up within 10 business days will be donated to our quarterly sidewalk sale. No exceptions.
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