Whale of a Tail- 72 Pcs Puzzle

This puzzle is a circular 72 piece puzzle measuring 7.25"x7.25". These are printed and produced by local Alaskan artist Autumn Stubbert. This puzzle comes with an 8x10" print of the original watercolor work for a reference and framing if you wish. 


Puzzles hold a special place in my heart. My dad and I used to get a puzzle every week when we didn't feel like leaving the house, buy a box of popsicles, and put on our favorite movie The Sand Lot and put it together.

My great grandma in her 90's was still sharp as a tack. I think it was because she spent so much time doing word puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. I remember her fluffy snow white hair peaking over her GIANT magnifying glass that was attached with a metal arm. I remember her tissue paper soft hands reaching out for it and swinging it closer to her face, it made a slight squeaking sound, she would center it over our puzzle and every time she found a piece that would fit she would announce " ha! got it!". It was almost like a race trying to find the next piece that fit.

For the past ten years running my business I have helped my students develop their art. Now I am starting to find my own artist voice. While I am flattered when a fan buys my art I would rather image you making these memories with family over your very own puzzle with my artwork on it.

These puzzles are produced by myself. Available in a variety of size and shapes. Check out my new page. I hope these puzzles offer you a fun exercise to keep your minds sharp and find some peace in a tricky year. We can make these good memories where we can and we will pull through.

These puzzles come in a variety of shapes and size. I designed some round and some rectangular. All are fashioned out of my original watercolor illustrations. They all come with a quality 8x10 print as a reference but can also be hung and framed when you are done.

Follow this link to purchase your puzzle. Thank you for you generous support of the arts this year. I think I speak for all the artists in our community when I saw we live in a special place to be an artist.